Legal & Accounting Malpractice Defense

P.K. Schrieffer LLP has defended hundreds of legal malpractice cases involving such diverse issues as probate and family law to complex underlying patent infringement claims. The firm has also defended several accountants in high-exposure cases.

Our understanding of the law and of the “case within a case” doctrine instills confidence in the attorney/client and gives the firm an edge over the plaintiffs’ bar. This expertise frequently leads to resolution by summary judgment, outright dismissals or favorable resolutions via settlement.

The firm involves the attorney/client in all aspects of the litigation and frequently saves costs by utilizing the client’s expertise in the underlying subject matter prior to retaining experts for consultation or trial.

Malpractice allegations are extremely serious in both the near and long term penalties for accountants, and the penalties may include:
  • Permanent reprimand
  • Accelerated peer reviews
  • Suspension or revocation of your accounting license
  • Loss of privilege to perform accountancy services
  • Significant monetary penalties

When accountants are found guilty of malpractice, it usually results in them having to relocate to a new state to get certified as an accountant and start over. This process can take several years, and the fact remains that in this day and age, you can’t ever escape your past.

With the invention of the internet, everything you’ve been accused of, and especially found guilty of as this is public record, is out there permanently in one location or another. Nothing disappears forever now.

In other words, you will have great difficulty picking up and starting over in another location after your name has been sullied. Most nowadays just change career paths entirely.

The attorneys here at P.K. Schrieffer LLP don’t want this, and will help you avoid a life destroying lawsuit at all costs.