Event Cancellation

P.K. Schrieffer LLP has emerged as one of the leading firms in Southern California representing insurers regarding event cancellation and contingency claims for venues nationally and internationally.

We have handled claims and litigation arising from the death of Michael Jackson and the cancellation of the “This Is It” series of concerts in London as well as other tours including Madonna, Kings of Leon, Christina Aguilera, The Beastie Boys, YES LLC, Live Earth Concerts as well as large stage collapse claims for some of the leading insurers in the event cancellation and contingent film finance arenas.

While it is true that many cases come as the direct result of an individual who can be held accountable, often these cases aren’t so easy. Traveling back to the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 tragedy, several event cancellation claims were being filed throughout the Washington D.C., New York, and Virginia areas as a result of the attacks.

What you may not remember is that air travel was shut down nationwide, causing business travel to come to a screeching stop. As you probably can assume, these event cancellation suits weren’t contained to the aforementioned areas, but to the entire nation because everyone was affected by the events on the east coast.

You and P.K. Schrieffer LLP would agree that these claims have merit, as they disrupted business from coast to coast, but insurance companies disagreed! This is just one situation that the far reaching effect of an event damaged the business plans of a company, and with this example in mind, it is obvious that this can become a difficult type of law to navigate.

P.K. Schrieffer LLP, however, has ample experience in handling even the toughest of event cancellation insurance claim cases with great success.