Trials on New Filings Expected to Proceed in 2022

Trials on New Filings Expected to Proceed in 2022

Dear Clients and Friends,

Greetings from Los Angeles and Las Vegas. We recently received a docket report on a new matter from the court in downtown LA, showing a trial date in 2022. Accordingly, we can all expect that trials, at least on new filings, will likely be in 2022 and dismissals for failure to proceed will happen in 2023. These are estimates based upon what we know now and based upon communications with our folks in the downtown LA courthouse. These dates may encourage plaintiffs’ lawyers to want to settle sooner than they are now – we’ll all see!

We will keep you up to speed on these and other issues in courthouses and from other places going forward. As always, let our team know if you have any questions or other issues.

All the very best and we all keep pressing on together,

PK / Team

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