Personal Injury Cases Being Shifted to Independent Calendar Courts

Personal Injury Cases Being Shifted to Independent Calendar Courts

Effective October 10, 2022, there will be a gradual, phased transition of personal injury (PI) cases out of the PI Hub at the Spring Street Courthouse and back to local community-based Independent Calendar (IC) courts. According to the Los Angeles County Superior Court, the PI Hub is currently handling some 45,000 cases.

This applies to new PI cases, except those originating in the Central District. This significant change will allow judges to proactively manage cases, provide litigants greater predictability in case disposition, bring about quicker dispute resolution and increase access to justice for litigants, attorneys and witnesses.

With state funding to pay for more courtroom and legal staff to support judges, the Court plans to establish IC courts for new, non-Central, PI cases as follows:

  • Pomona, Dept. A;
  • Pasadena, Dept. P;
  • Chatsworth, Dept. F-51;
  • Compton, Dept. B;
  • Inglewood, Dept. 8; and
  • Beverly Hills, Dept. 200.

Central District cases will be handled in the Stanley Mosk Courthouse. The relevant portions of the Court’s Local Rules 2.3, 3.23 and 3.24 will be revised to reflect these changes.

Teresa M. Mayer | Paul K. Schrieffer

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