P.K. Schrieffer LLP Expands to Las Vegas

P.K. Schrieffer LLP Expands to Las Vegas

Some hard things are happening for all of us but some good times are coming as well. P.K. Schrieffer LLP is opening up a new office in Las Vegas, Nevada! We wish to thank you for all of your support and off we all go together to the Vegas Strip in 2020!

Coronavirus notwithstanding, (which we will all beat together), thanks to our amazing clients, friends and supporters, we are opening our Las Vegas office by Monday, August 10, 2020, though we targeted an announcement and opening on April 1. Further details and information to follow.  

Our new office will be located at CITY CENTRAL PLACE, right near the Civic Center in Downtown Las Vegas and just steps away from the State and Federal courthouses.

PKS LLP continues to serve clients from all corners of the globe, including London and the U.S. We are fortunate to count as our clients and friends insurers like Underwriters, and numerous corporations including public utilities, pharmaceutical companies, health care / managed care companies, and publishing houses.  In addition, we are actively involved in matters arising from cutting edge industries in the share economy, including entertainment, music, social media, ride sharing, and other platforms on the Internet. 

All the very best for good health, safety, friends, family and for all we do together. 

PK and our entire Team

Paul K. Schrieffer


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