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California’s Second Appellate District Upholds Trial Court’s Order Granting PK Schrieffer LLP’s MSJ

In the Age of Data Mega-Breaches, Delaware Chancery Court Explains Legal Standard for Imposing Oversight Liability on Corporate Directors

California Appellate Court Rules Class Certification Appropriate in Wage and Hour Violation Lawsuit

Employment Handbook Not A Contract By Its Terms: Arbitration Agreement Not Enforceable

California Appellate Court Rules Excess Insurer May Sue Primary Insurer for Equitable Subrogation, Even in the Absence of an Underlying Judgment Against the Insured

Important Amendment To California Code Of Civil Procedure Re Deposition Notices and Electronically  Stored Information (ESI)

Supreme Court Again Pre-Empts California Law to Uphold “Class Action Waivers” in Consumer Contracts

California Supreme Court Reverses Self on Assigned Insurance Rights

California Anti-Bullying Training Law

The New California Sick Pay Law: How To Comply and The Consequences of Not Complying

California Supreme Court Issues Landmark Ruling that Insurers Have to Pay “All Sums” and “Stack” All Years of Coverage in Environment Clean-Up Case

Franchise agreements and employment liability on franchisors

California Court Of Appeal Affirms Punitive Damages Finding Against A Defendant With Negative Net Worth

Cal. Supreme Court: Employers must provide, but not enforce meal breaks

New Labor Law May Affect Advice Insurance Agents & Brokers Provide To Customers

Federal 9th Circuit Court of Appeals enforces arbitration provision in a private contract over (1) an anti-arbitration provision in the California Consumer Legal Remedies Act (CLRA) and (2) California Supreme Court rulings that had prohibited arbitration

California Appellate Court Rules that an Insurance Broker Does Not Owe a Duty to Advise an Additional Insured Subcontractor of the Carrier’s Later Insolvency

California Second Appellate District Court Affirms Lower Court Granting Summary Judgment in Favor of Agent and Insurer

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